Energy Efficiency, (Energy-saving) is the reduction of the amount of energy consumed without lowering the quantity and quality of production, without impeding economic development and social welfare. More broadly
energy efficiency and energy saving; to prevent energy losses in gas, steam, heat, air, and electricity, to recycle and evaluate various wastes or to reduce energy demand without lowering production with advanced technology, more efficient energy sources, improved industrial processes, energy recovery like activity enhancer the whole of the measures.


ÖZTEK INDUSTRIAL COOLING SYSTEMS, established in 2008. Firstly, we are establishing cold room systems, ice house systems, chiller systems, atmosphere controlled cold rooms, central system cold room systems, dry cooler systems all over the world including our local and foreign customers. Today, it is one of the industry leaders in developing and testing new technologies in the field of Industrial Cooling. Our In-house design and planning team has the expertise to meet the needs of every customer and we produce special solutions in Industrial Cooling Area.


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